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Pokémon GO Spring 2019 Equinox Event & Details Revealed


 will be hosting a spring equinox event in the coming months, details of which have now been made public. The augmented-reality mobile game became an overnight sensation upon release in the summer of 2016, but soon faced the inevitable challenge of keeping players coming back after the initial  had worn off. To combat the decline in users, Pokemon Go has increasingly held  that feature specific Pokemon for a limited time and also offer added bonuses, unique moves and the potential to .

Pokemon Go将在未来几个月举办春季春分活动,其详细信息现已公之于众。这款增强现实手机游戏在2016年夏天发布后一夜成名,但很快就遇到了一个不可避免的挑战,让玩家在最初的口袋妖怪怀旧之情消失后回归。为了对抗用户的下降,Pokemon Go越来越多地举办特别活动和社区日活动,这些活动和社区日活动在特定的时间内推出特定的口袋妖怪,并且还提供额外的奖金,独特的动作以及捕捉闪亮或传奇生物的潜力。

A recent example of such a festival came earlier in 2019, in . This celepation increased players' chances of catching 12 Pokemon that each related to a specific zodiac creature, including the rare Miltank. Following on from that event, Pokemon Go are offering players another stab at catching the legendary Dragon-type Pokemon Rayquaza over this current weekend in a Raid Battle.

这个节日的最近一个例子是在2019年早些时候出现,以表彰农历新年。这个庆祝活动增加了玩家抓住12个口袋妖怪的机会,每个口袋妖怪都与特定的生肖生物有关,包括稀有的Miltank。继续那场比赛之后,Pokemon Go正在为玩家提供另一个刺激,在本周末的Raid Battle中捕捉传奇的龙型神奇宝贝Rayquaza。


Pokemon Go's next major event, however, will be in commemoration of the 2019 spring equinox. Fittingly, Grass-type Pokemon will take center stage in the forthcoming festival, which  have now confirmed will run from March 19th to March 26th. During this period, Grass types will appear more frequently in the wild and act as Raid bosses for trainers to take on.

然而,Pokemon Go的下一个重大事件将是纪念2019年的春分。适合,草型口袋妖怪将成为即将到来的节日的中心舞台,Niantic现已确认将于3月19日至3月26日举行。在此期间,Grass类型将更频繁地出现在野外,并作为Raid老板供培训师承担。

Additionally, Solrock and Lunatone, which each appear in only one hemisphere at a time, will switch locations. Field research obtained between these dates will also offer challenges in relation to nabbing certain Grass-type critters, and two new techniques will be added permanently to the game's array of battle moves: Acid Spray and Leaf Tornado.


This isn't the first time that Pokemon Go has held a Grass-based springtime extravaganza, and previous years have seen Easter-themed events ping out baby Pokemon, creatures with egg-related designs, and extra chances to hatch your own Pokemon eggs. While the benefits and bonuses seem to change year upon year, Pokemon Go's springtime events have rapidly become an annual occasion on the Poke-calendar, much like their Christmas and Halloween celepations.

这不是Pokemon Go第一次举办以草为基础的春季盛会,前几年已经看到以复活节为主题的活动带来了宝宝口袋妖怪,与蛋相关设计的生物,以及孵化自己的口袋妖怪蛋的额外机会。虽然好处和奖金似乎每年都在变化,但Pokemon Go的春季活动很快就成为Poke日历上的年度活动,就像他们的圣诞节和万圣节庆祝活动一样。

Grass-type Pokemon are fairly common in Pokemon Go during regular gameplay, so the prospect of extra Bellsprouts and Exeggcutes roaming the streets perhaps isn't as exciting for players as previous special events have been (although the potential of catching shiny versions  of each partaking creature will certainly add to the appeal). Having the opportunity to capture Lunatone or Solrock - depending on the hemisphere in which you reside - does, however, offer the opportunity for some trainers to flesh out their Pokedex a little and add a unique creature to their collections.

在常规游戏中,草型口袋妖怪在Pokemon Go中相当常见,因此额外的Bellsprouts和Exeggcutes在街头漫游的前景可能并不像以前的特殊事件那样让玩家感到兴奋(虽然有可能捕获每个参与者的闪亮版本生物肯定会增加吸引力)。但是,有机会捕捉Lunatone或Solrock- 取决于你居住的半球 - 确实为一些训练师提供了一个机会,让他们稍微充实他们的Pokedex并为他们的系列添加一个独特的生物。